Harness AI and Predicitive Analytics to watch market trends in real time

Live Market Analytics formed as a side project while creating a vision system for an in house AI based trading bot. We figured if it works well for us there will probably be others interested in this AI market prediction data. We aim to cater for every trader, beginner to pro, human or bot, and individual to enterprise subscrptions.

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Every second of every day our server farm at Live Market Analytics is busy gathering the latest market data. The market data we gather is then used in real time to update AI models that have been built to predict any market price, volume, or whole candles at any point in the future. Due to the nature of ever changing market conditions, predictions are never 100% accurate and need to be updated on a continuous basis as new market information is generated. We have observed that our current AI model tends to predict the outcome it thinks has the highest likelyhood. The AI model tends to hold onto its predictions until it sees something that then causes its predictions to snap and change its market forecast. As an example, this snapping can be observed sometimes when popular moving average support or resistance levels are broken. We plan to continually update and improve the AI models to better our predictions as well as the user experience for you. Stay tuned...